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Shanghai by night

Shanghai by nightShanghai by night surprised me. Totally not what I expected, it’s a bit like London’s Soho in the sixties, full of life, love and music with the only problem was their language, but that wasn’t too hard to solve thanks to a Shanghai escort, which was the solution. In actual fact she was my key to paradise, in all places in Shanghai?! She catered for all my needs, she showed me everything I wanted to see in Shanghai and lots, lots more, things that people could only dream of. Of course the more expensive the hotel you’re in the more expensive the shanghai escort, but in my case she was worth every penny. Having had a quick tour of the night life thanks to my escort I even started to feel at home in the middle of China. In actual fact I totally forgot I was in the middle of China and I didn’t even need to drink at all. I felt I was in my dreamland I totally forgot about being in China on business but thanks to the escort she brought not only pleasure but also belief in myself. She actually good business I China, although I didn’t know how to put the bill on my company credit card. They say that New York is a city that doesn’t sleep, well in my opinion watch out as Shanghai is tough competition.