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Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial CenterBuilt as the second tallest skyscraper in mainland China with 101 floors and a height of 492 meters, the SWFC strives to attract the business from all over the world.  The building offers first class financial center services and facilities. It is a place for monetary talents, various exhibitions and an uninterrupted stream of information. A visitor to the center can use its luxury hotel, meeting facilities, conference rooms and admire the view from the sightseeing floor situated 474 meters above the ground.

This ultra-modern building is equipped with cutting edge security systems. The SWFC is an impregnable fortress which can withstand fire, wind, impacts and even 8 magnitude earthquakes!

One does not have to have a conference or a business meeting to go in order to enter the premises, as tickets are sold to take an elevator directly to the sightseeing platform. The sightseeing hall is suitable for exhibitions as well, so a visitor may be in for an unexpected treat. However, even if there are no extra features on a given day, there is still the overwhelming view that takes the breath away – all the symbolic landmarks of Shanghai can be seen from there.

Once inside the building, the visitors may use many elevators which are connected with different parts of the building. The Park Hyatt Hotel guests are privileged to use their own elevators and escape the crowds on a tour to the sightseeing hall. There is also a two-storey pedestrian corridor in the vicinity of the SWFC connecting it with several neighboring skyscrapers and giving the pedestrians a chance to access all the interesting places using convenient shortcuts.