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Made in China

Made in ChinaAre Chinese products poor quality? This is the common opinion, but the reality is more complex. Low-cost Chinese production have led in recent years, many reputable companies to shift production to the Middle State, which on the one hand, in some cases, led to a reduction in their quality, but on the other hand led to a general improve the quality of Chinese products leaving the factory. However, the Chinese production is not determined by a standard of quality. Western companies that still care about their reputations choosing to manufacture in China, even the most sophisticated, luxurious facilities, care about their quality assuming there own factories, and organizing the production of the highly accurate quality control. More and more indigenous Chinese companies can met the high quality criteria in their factories. In a slightly different position are independent Chinese factories, which at the request of Japanese companies, and according to supplied designs, manufacturing equipment  so called popular – and at night, using these designs, produces their ‘own’ models. Either more or less successfully by copying only some solutions are trying to construct something even more original, or even cheaper. China is a huge range of quality, and is says’ Made in China “does not prejudge anything.