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Shanghai city of splendor

Shanghai city of splendorBeijing, London, Sydney, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, even – let them hide. Shanghai is great. Extremely rich. Electrified. Enslaves. Shocks. Court. Draws implicitly. Everywhere are woven plane trees, palm trees, even pines.

Shanghai shocks with its architecture. Modern, but with taste. Like a luxury, but everything fits. People are nice. Smiling. A large part of them speaks English.

Tourists often feel like little boys in the big toy store. However, getting to know China better, it is concluded that Shanghai is not exactly a fairy tale. It simply is the international part of China. Shanghai in recent history has never been entirely Chinese city. And so it is now. It id little bit of the French, and English, and American, and German, but of course all is well seasoned with Chinese spices.

Wonderful  Shanghai has always been called the Pearl of the East or the Orient Queen. And it is wearing its crown with grace. But this proud queen is apparently torn between what was in the past and what is happening here now. Between China and the West. Despite that one hundred years is a long period of time, Shanghai still remembers the colonial history and exposes the places associated with it.